Mission Statement
The mission of the Great Lakes Media Institute is to assist in establishing journalism institutions which encourage the highest professional and ethical standards. GLMI’s objective is to raise awareness of social issues by enabling local oversight of the press in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya and Angola through partnerships with Sub-Saharan African media organizations.

photo: Solange Nyamulisa

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Our Objectives
GLMI is concerned with assisting all the facets of working as a journalist – the personal realizations achieved through education and capacity building; the financial realizations of achieving a profit level that permits content improvements and growth and finally, the ambient realizations of journalist organizations working to achieve press freedoms.

The Organization
All of the officers and board members share their time and expertise without financial compensation or benefits. This allows all of our limited resources to go toward the work, the educational mission and programs our organization leads.